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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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will this be the year an east bay family finally gets some closure in a disappearance that happened 24 years ago? and you won't want to let today get past you if you have outdoor activities to take care of. one dry day before the return of the rain. your full forecast in just a few moments. plus if you're looking for a lighter commute this week, i think lighter is a relative term. i'll show you where the slowdown already started. let's take a live look outside at san francisco. already lit up for the holidays. it's monday, november 19th. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we have a developing story to tell you about in the middle east. we have a live look at gaza city. you can see the smoke there, bombings still going on. the death toll still on the rise along that gaza border. at least 95 palestinians now
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dead as israel continues to launch those air strikes. overnight air strikes marking the deadliest attack yet in that region overnight. three chipper and at least two adults are dead and 42 more injured after two houses and a national security compound were bombed in gaza city. israel says it is now targeting hamas militants. at least three israeli civilians have died from palestinian rocket fire compared to at least 50 palestinian civilians. that's largely because of israel's iron dome here. this is a defense system that actually intercepts rockets. now, global leaders calling for an end to all of this violence, but hamas and israel have very different terms set out for a truce. we will have much more on that global reaction coming up for you in a live report happening at 6:30. also new this morning, a landmark presidential visit is under way today. president obama is now the first sitting u.s. president to visit
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myanmar, also known as berma. during his speech at the university, the president encouraged the country to continue its transition to democracy after 49 years of military rule. after the speech president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton took off on air force one, which just arrived in cambodia for the east asia summit. we'll have much more on this historic visit throughout the morning. coming up at 6:30, you'll hear from the president and the assurances he's giving to myanmar just ahead. happening right now, an all out man nuhunt in san jose. police have already arrested this man in connection with a stripping of crimes but they are still looking for a second gunman and are very anxious to track him down. marla tellez is live with what police are trying to do about this weekend crime spree. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning. the crime spree was serious enough for police to call a
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press conference at city hall. we're hoping to learn more about the second suspect they're looking for. in the meantime a $10,000 reward is being offered for information that would lead them to him. here's what police tell us. he helped his buddy, 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks of san jose, seen right here, rob four businesses at gunpoint in san jose friday night. then they allegedly shot and killed an innocent man during an attempted carjacking at this 7-eleven store. 22-year-old rory park pediford died right there in that parking lot. after a car chase and shootout with police, officers arrested wilbanks and this morning police and the public are apgs to get gunman number two off the streets. >> anybody who's willing to take part in four armed robberies and shooting at a police officer, is as dangerous as it gets. >> it does make me a little concerned. more nervous because if they're roaming the streets, you know,
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that means they're at large and we're all at risk. and that's not good. >> the officer that was shot is okay, recovering today from minor injuries. i mentioned a police press conference, that starts at 9:30 this morning at city hall. mayor chuck reed and the assistant police chief will be there. we will, of course, bring you the outcome during our 11:00 newscast. 6:04. police are looking for two men involved in a deadly soohootingn menlo park. 42-year-old kerry cudlip and a woman were sitting in his car on ivy drove when two people approached them. at some point shots were fired and police found cudlip's body lying in the street. the woman has not been identified but is alive. witnesses saw two men in dark-colored headed sweatshirts running from the area. police have not said if the man was targeted or if this was a random attack. it is a somber vigil a bay area family has kept for 24
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years. today's vigil may be the last time the family has to continue wondering what happened to michaela. christie smith is live with more on today's ceremony and the closure -- some closure that could be just days away. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. you know michaela's mom keeps a blog about this horrible ordeal. she's been waiting for answers for 24 years. she'll come here with family and friends and do what they always do. they tie yellow ribbons around trees in the parking lot where michaela was last seen. also among the speakers, hayward police investigators who are still awaiting test results, along with michaela's family, test results on a bone fragment to see if they believe to the 9-year-old who was snatched from outside of this hayward store in 1988. the family has held a somber ceremony here ever since. over a month ago a three-inch
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bone fragment from a well in the central valley was identified as belonging to a filed between 5 and 14 years old. the bone was mixed in with the remains of a 16-year-old girl believed to have been killed by the so-called speed freak killers. they are believed to have killed a number of people in the 1980s and '90s. now, the test results on that bone fragment were delayed. they had to be sent to another lab, so they're expected in the coming days or weeks. on her blog, michaela's mom wrote that she still misses her daughter terribly. that means that today marks 24 years since the last carefree day in my life and yours, 24 years since the last time i was able to be there to still your fears in the night. now, the ceremony is today at 10:00 this morning at the market here on mission boulevard. that's about the time of day that michaela disappeared. reporting live in hayward, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> let's hope they get some answers. 6:07. oakland port workers are
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planning a 24-hour strike over contract talks. we've got a live look at the port of oakland where workers will picket tomorrow. the strike kicks off at 9:00 tonight at oakland international airport. tomorrow they'll target both the airport and the port. workers say they have gone 16 months without a new contract plan. the strike comes just days after port executive director omar benjamin announced his retirement following allegations of excessive spending at a houston strip club. he expensed to the city. it is 6:07 and of course a lot of people spending this week gearing up, getting packed up for that thanksgiving holiday. >> or backing the bird. >> i'm with that. chest nuts, watercress. >> i'm cooking up a hot call to the honey baked ham store. that's about as far as i'm going this year. good morning to you, looking pretty good. taking a live look over the san francisco bay. i wanted to show you how clear it is all across the bay area.
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we just have high, wispy clouds comprised of ice crystals. temperatures today will be really nice. mild and sunny conditions. that breeze will pick up through the afternoon. as we head through your tuesday, showers arrive in the morning, heavier rain on the way as we head through tomorrow night into the overnight hours of wednesday. then we're going to enter into a dry, beautiful stretch of weather starting late wednesday into the remainder of the week. temperatures today 66 inland, 64 bayside. at the coast, right around 62 degrees. we want to help you plan around those showers. we'll time them out to your doorstep coming up. first let's look at your drive with mike. >> these lights, all of them, all lanes are backed up. that means the metering lights are turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a few minutes earlier than i would have expected this week. we have a lighter volume overall but we do have your congested spots showing a good morning commute volume right here getting over from the east bay into san francisco. we'll get you a live look
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outside at san jose. northbound 101 shows that burst as well. second burst. this one kicks in for north ten 1. on the map i've circled it just south of that camera. we do have a couple off incidens reported here. maybe one lane blocked but a little slowing just north of capital expressway. the rest of the area looks okay, including the area where we typically see a slowdown. unusual slowing for 87 and 101 so i'll track those, guys. the time is 6:09. coming up, we'll tell you about those microapartments and how they're becoming the bay area's next big thing. that crucial decision which could make cramps quarters. the head of intel is stepping down. we'll take a look at that in business news. >> reporter: and in spite of what we're reading, the economy maybe not getting any better, at least speaking to people here at one food pantry in the south bay as they prepare to hand out
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thanksgiving meals. we'll tell you what they're saying and what they're seeing. that story coming up. alright let's break it down.
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the san francisco board of supervisors will decide whether to give the go ahead for hundreds of microapartments across the city. we shot time lapse video. we opened off an area at our nbc cafeteria showing just how small the units are. take a look at the tape there on the ground. at only 150 total square feet, supporters say the rooms were designed with young tech workers in mind. now if that plan is approved, a final vote by the entire board of supervisors could take place tomorrow. 6:12. more on that bizarre story that continues. millionaire on the lam john mcafee now offered a $25,000 reward for the arrest of the person or persons responsible
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for the murder of hi neighbor. >> mcafee, a silicon valley software pioneer is himself a person of interest in the murder case in his adopted home of belize. now, scott mcgrew joins us now. scott, mcafee talking to nbc this morning. >> reporter: he is. he talked to nbc. he talked to dateline's keith morrison by phone. he's also blogging this morning. mcafee said he actually watched that nbc crew filming police as they searched his home over the weekend. now that means mcafee is hiding within sight of his own house in belize. mcafee describing on the blog the disguises he uses, posing as a tamale salesman, he says, at times. other times as a drunk german tourist with a partially band e bandaged face and wearing speedo swimming trunks and a distasteful oversized hawaiian shirt and yelling loudly at anyone who would listen. on his blog this morning, mcafee said he has prewritten material
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to last past his arrest were that to come and he's arranged for someone else to keep posting for him. back here at home, san jose' cisco systems bought a private networking company. they will pay $1.2 billion for the san francisco company. moracki, greek for doing something with passion. passion for ruckus wireless. shares in the company started selling on friday following its ipo and it didn't go very well. instead of popping, ruckus fell about 19% in its first day of trading. just a few minutes ago, intel announced that its ceo would step down. he would retire. intel is looking into who would replace him. this is not entirely unexpected, jon and laura, but this morning actually making that official. >> thank you very much for the update. it is 6:15 right now. time for a quick check of the day's top stories. san jose police and mayor chuck reed holding a press conference today talking about a weekend
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crime spree that ended in a shootout between two suspects and police officers. police say the suspects robbed four businesses, then shot a man in an attempted carjacking before they were chased down by police or friday night. officers arrested one man. a second suspect still on the loose. a 14-year-old vallejo boy accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 65-year-old woman is new in court today. police say caviar king used a gun to kidnap the man, bound her with duct tape and dumped her near i-80. king is expected to be tried as an adult. today marks 24 years to the day sips the disappearance of michaela garecht. family and friends holding a vigil at the market where the 9-year-old girl was kidnapped and disappeared back in 1988. right now continuing coverage this morning as bay area families try to make ends meet during this holiday season. this was the scene earlier this month as families waited a very long time in a long line at
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sacred heart community center to recommendingster for food and toys. today those families will wait in line again as those holiday items are handed out. bob redell joins us live at sacred heart community center in san jose and has the latest on just a great program. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. in roughly three hours these families will start showing up here at sacred heart community services, leaving with one of these boxes. there's a lot of these boxes that they have been prepackaging over the weekend here at sacred heart community services. inside those boxes is enough for a thanksgiving meal. canned goods, grains, also some fresh veggies and a frozen bird, either a turkey or some chicken. to hopefully not only take care of them during the thanksgiving holiday itself but a little afterwards as well. based on the long line of people that camped out to preregister,
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they are expecting to feed at least 4,000 families this holiday. that's the same number as last year, which is a record number, but they won't know for sure what true demand will we until later in the week. they do fear they could be looking at a new record. in spite of what we read about this country being in post-recession, they're not seeing it. >> it was crazy. there were a lot of people in here. so we see a lot of people still struggling. they don't have full-time employment yet. maybe they have part-time jobs. even if they to, they are lower paying jobs. those living wage jobs just aren't as there very much anymore so a lot of people turn to us for help. >> reporter: we're looking inside the freezer here and it looks like they have a lot and they do, but they do not have enough. they estimate there will probably be about 1,000 birds short come wednesday when the final group of people are coming to pick up. of course money goes a lot longer way than the actual food does. so if you want to donate money,
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their hands are open here at sacred heart community services in san jose. bob redell, "today in the bay." this near nbc bay area teaming up with safeway to help the second harvest food bank stock its shelves. over the weekend, we all pitched in at safeway stores throughout the bay area to encourage people to donate to second harvest food bank and it continues. you can still go to any safeway store, buy prepacked grocery bag for $10, scoop it up, put it in your basket. the holiday food drive will also accept donations now through christmas day. a really great cause. >> very simple and that ten bucks goes a lot way. >> and it was very nice to meet all the viewers that came out. you just saw the whole nbc bay area family out this weekend drumming up some serious donations. >> we were joined by a lot of members of the community and one unusual guest, a dragon.
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>> wow! you okay, christina? >> yeah, a little fright out there. but kinda cool. this is the nbc bay area food drive at the safeway store in san jose. kind of funny. >> that's crazy. he looked like he was kind of soft. >> why was that dragon there? >> actually it's a performance at hp pavilion. the young man was from how to train your dragon. he helped out an i tickled him. >> looked like you tamed the dragon. >> no, i tried to but it didn't work out. you know, we're looking good, whether you're taking your furry friends out for a walk this morning, it's going to be cold. you'll need that jacket all day long. or if you wanted to stop by any of those safeway stores, we're still accepting donations. anybody can help out this time of year, even if you don't have the funds to do so. you can offer your service helping out at a pantry. 6:20 right now.
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beautiful conditions to start the day on the bay bridge, just spectacular out there this morning. this is what you get to drive to work under. yes, this is where we live, something to certainly be thankful for this time of year. we're going to hold up in terms of dry. beautiful conditions for your thanksgiving holiday, but we do have some showers to get through before we hit turkey day. so for the next 48 hours it works like this. high pressure still in control. some showers are going to try to sneak into the north bay as we head through 8:00 p.m. tonight. this trend will continue through the first part of tomorrow. showers stay put until 6:00 a.m. tuesday and then it starts to get a little more active. starting at 3:00 p.m. the bulk of the moisture arrives and then the front will slide to the south, clearing by the time we hit 10:00 a.m. wednesday. so that's the good news. showers are not going to last that long. hey, you get another free car wash, which is auls grelways gr you have relatives coming to
6:21 am
town. 66 degrees in redwood city and 66 in san francisco. your seven-day outlook tells the story. temperatures are going to be nice all the way through tuesday. even when we get through that rain, still not dropping off all that much, just into the mid-60s. then thursday into friday, look at that, thanksgiving will be fantastic around here. 63 degrees inland, 62 bayside and 61 at the coast. so just a light, gentle breeze. temperatures that are traditional for this time of year as you enjoy your traditional turkey dinner, like mike. good morning to you. >> good morning. we're looking over here to the south bay and we do have your slowing. look at this, north 101 around tully, told you about that accident. it sounds like a single car involved, no injuries, but we do have maybe one lane blocked. there's the slowing. a lighter volume overall but starting to see slowing for 87 as well. so we'll keep that in mind as the south bay commute starts to build. here out of the tri-valley coming out of the altamont pass and in through livermore we're
6:22 am
seeing speeds start to dip dramatically over the last ten minutes. right around here, these are the off-ramps around the new outlet center so especially a concern this week, traditionally a pretty big shopping week for a lot of folks. over here the east bay looks really nice. this is eastbound 24 heading through your single eastbound bore at the caldecott tunnel. there's an accident just on the orinda side and that will cause some slowing. westbound your commute builds and there's more slowing in that direction as well. these folks heading to the bay bridge, slow at the toll plaza itself. all these folks, the metering lights are on. a smooth drive down the east shore freeway until you get to the berkeley curve. past the incline, a smoother drive into the city as well. if you're crawing the san mateo bridge, 92 moves smoothly but there's a lot more company coming over the high rise and joining up at t101. it is 6:23. coming up on "today in the bay," as they say, it is not over until it's over.
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it is 6:25. welcome back, everybody. on the ice it is back to the bargaining table. talks resuming today between the nhl and the players union, hoping for some movement here. games, as you may know, have already been cancelled through the end of november and more could be lost if today's talks do not go well. the two sides have not met for two weeks because they simply
6:26 am
cannot find enough common ground. come on, fellas. they're fighting over revenue sharing and proposed changes to contract rules. in the meantime, jon, the proposed warriors arena in san francisco is expected to get another round of support today. the restaurant and hotel workers you know union and building and trade union are expected to urge the supervisors to give it a green light. the board gave it a thumbs up last week. if the stadium wins final approval, it's expected to create more than 4,000 jobs and half of them would be permanent. >> more jobs, permanent, all sounds good. 6:26 right now. still ahead, a show of support half a world away. >> this nation that's been so isolated can show the world the power of a new beginning. >> we'll tell you how the president is encouraging a country that's struggling with democracy during a landmark visit to asia. calls for peace before an all-out war. children among the dead as
6:27 am
rockets rain down on the gaza strip. we'll tell you if there's any hope for a cease-fire just ahead. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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on the brink of an all-out war. the deadliest attack so far as israel launches another air strike on gaza. is a cease-fire out of reach? we'll explain in a live report. unrest in the middle east is obviously affecting us in many ways back here at home, also that fiscal cliff not so great for us as far as the markets are concerned. trying to get together on capitol hill, let's hope they can sort things out. we get set to ring in the bell out there on wall street. hopefully a positive day to start the week. on this monday, november 19th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning, everybody. happy you could get up early with us, i'm jon kelley.
6:30 am
>> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning a developing story in the middle east. at least 95 palestinians now dead as more air strikes target the gaza strip. overnight three children and at least two adults are dead and 42 more are injured after two houses and a national security compound were bombed overnight in gaza city. israel says it's stepping up air strikes to put a stop to hamas and militant rocket attacks. for more, let's bring in tracie potts. she's live in washington, d.c. this morning. today's attacks have been the deadliest so far in gaza. president obama is backing israel. both parties on capitol hill backing him? >> reporter: this is interesting. we've been back and forth so much about the fiscal cliff and seeing democrats and republicans on opposite sides of issues. this is not one of those. in fact listen to what a couple of prom negligent democrats and republicans had to say about the president backing israel. >> president obama and others
6:31 am
are doing their very best to see if they can't turn hamas' attacks off. >> all of the republicans and democrats stand with the president in supporting israel. >> reporter: so here's one where president obama says, look, israel has the right to defend itself and we're going to defend that right. you've got top democrats and republicans here on capitol hill saying you're right, the president is right. >> meantime president obama says he's in touch with leaders across the region in hopes of putting a stop to the fighting. israel and hamas have put forth very different conditions for a truce. do you think a cease-fire is likely or even possible at this point? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of pressure from around the world for that. there are negotiations going on right now. egypt a key player with these negotiations because they tend to negotiate with both hamas and israel. turkey has the ear of both sides and so they're involved in this as well. the president has been on the horn while he's traveling in southeast asia with turkey's prime minister, with egypt's
6:32 am
president, with israel's prime minister. and so it is certainly possible, yes, because even though we're seeing the violence escalate, there is a lot of pressure from a number of different nations not to turn this into an all-out ground war. >> ever changing as we continue to take a live look at the pictures from gaza. thank you very much. also new this morning, president obama making a landmark visit to myanmar during a trip to asia. the president now the very first sitting u.s. president to visit myanmar, also known as burma. this is a country struggling with democracy after 49 years of military rule. during a speech the president offering encouragement to the country as it transitions to democracy saying, quote, the united states of america is with you. >> this nation that's been so isolated can show the world the power of a new beginning and demonstrate once again that the journey to democracy goes hand
6:33 am
in hand with development. >> as the president gave that speech, the myanmar government began releasing dozens of political plicrisoners. among them members of aung san suu kyi's democracy party. the president met with her and we'll tell you about that coming up. the vallejo teen accused of a violent assault on a 65-year-old woman is due in court today. 14-year-old caviar king is accused of attempted murder, assault, robbery and kidnapping. he is expected to be tried as an adult. police say king kidnapped a woman at gun point on thursday, forcing her to drive to another location. they say he sexually assaulted her, bound her with duct tape and dumped here on the side of the road. the woman was seriously hurt but is expected to recover. we'll be learning more about today the chevron refinery fire and what the company is doing to try to prevent another disaster
6:34 am
from releasing harmful chemicals into the air. the bay area air quality management district holding a special meeting this morning to get an update on that fire investigation. meantime, the "san francisco chronicle" reporting an independent test of surrounding neighborhoods found cancer-causing chemicals still present in and around homes. chevron insisting there is not a significant risk from the fire, citing the conclusion of experts who analyzed that fire right after it happened. 6:34. time to get an update when it comes to that forecast. meteorologist christina loren watching it closely for us. nice day ahead. >> a beautiful day and all the trees have now the leaves changing color, it's just so beautiful around here this time of year. today you don't want to let it get past you because we've got rain on the way as of tomorrow. as the sun is coming up over beautiful san rafael, we had a little bit of cloud cover but not a whole lot, no fog to report. 54 degrees in novato. good morning to you in san francisco at 53 degrees. we're at 43, rather chilly this morning, down in gilroy.
6:35 am
52 right here in san jose. temperatures are going to be comfortable. mild and sunny conditions. the breeze will pick up later on this afternoon. tomorrow a few a.m. showers but we'll clear you out before mid-morning on wednesday and then enter into a beautiful dry stretch of weather that lasts well into the first part of your weekend. so for today what you need to know. 66 inland, 64 bayside and 62 at the coast. we'll time out that system to your doorstep, stay tuned for that. first we want to take a look at your drive. >> we'll take you to fremont where the volume of traffic really bumping up the last 15 minutes. here are the headlights about tesla and mission. that shows a stretch of yellow just approaching mission boulevard just south of auto mall parkway. 680 moving smoothly but slowing around that bend as well. that's why we call that the funnel. the south bay itself moves smoothly northbound. the bottom of your screen, 85 shows slowing from 17 up towards
6:36 am
saratoga. 101 really the concern, slow from before you get to capital expressway up almost to tully road where there are two accidents reported. sounds like a couple of tow trucks and chp vehicles along that stretch as well so a big distraction both in the center divide and on the shoulder. it's been there for about 10, 15 minutes now. you might want to use monterey highway until you get to 280 and then make that move over to 680 and 101. we'll see how things are shaping up at the peninsula. there's the hangars at moffett field. a lighter drive through san mateo and the city. emeryville, your east shore freeway, here's some slowing coming down through berkeley. as we adjust our iris. a smooth drive with the backup at the toll plaza. back to you. new this morning, this just in to our newsroom, alex smith, the 49ers quarterback, had a concussion last week, they were hoping to have him for tonight's ball game, the monday night game
6:37 am
against the bears. he has not been cleared. doctors still don't feel like his head is together so alex smith will not be starting. ironically, the bears starting quarterback, jay cutler, also benched. so it will be a battle of the backups, bears and 49ers. it will be interesting to watch. it's 6:37. still ahead, a blockbuster movie under fire for the death of 27 animals. we'll tell you why animal advocates say the set was just a death trap, just ahead. ♪
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federal investigators today interviewing the driver of a parade float hit by a train in texas that ends up killing four military vets. that truck hit last week was the second of two floats filled with wounded war veterans on their way to a dinner in their honor. now, that first float cleared the tracks. vets and their family members aboard the second float did try to jump out but some were not able to get off that float. union pacific says it does appear the crossing gate and lights in fact were working. it is still unclear if that train crew actually saw the float approaching. animal handlers involved in the making of the hobbit movie trilogy say the prouduction company is responsible for the death of up to 27 animals. the animals were kept at a farm. the humane association says no
6:41 am
animals were harmed during actual filming but it says the complaints highlight short comi comings where animals are housed. coming up, an all-out manhunt. police on alert after a violent crime spree in the south bay. we have new details on the search for a suspect on the run just ahead. and intel says its ceo will step down. we'll have details ahead in business news.
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6:43 am
6:44. happening now, as the search continues for a worker missing after an oil platform sploerexp, doctors say one of the men burned in the blaze is
6:44 am
improving. that man now listed in fair condition. two people renmain in critical condition, one in serious after the explosion in the gulf of mexico friday. yesterday the body of a worker was found in about 30 feet of water near the platform. the company that owned the platform is pledging to continue the search for the second missing worker. laura, we continue following that developing story in the middle east. a live look at the gaza strip right now. the death toll still on the rise along that border. at least 95 palestinians now dead as israel continues to launch all those air strikes. an overnight air strike marking the deadliest attack yet in that region. three children and at least two adults are now dead, 42 more are injured after two houses and a national security compound were bombed in gaza city. israel says it is targeting hamas militants. at least three israeli civilians have died from palestinian rocket fire compared to at least 50 palestinian civilians.
6:45 am
that's largely because of israel's iron dome. this is actually a defense system that intercepts those rockets sent in the air. now, global leaders calling for the end to all this violence, but hamas and israel do have very different terms set out for a truce. also new this morning, two nobel prize winners are meeting this morning during a landmark visit. aung san suu kyi hosted president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton in her home in myanmar. she spent several years under house arrest during the military dictatorship. she called attention to the struggles ahead for the country as it transitions to a democracy. >> the friendship between our two countries is of long standing. the united states has been staunch in its support of the democracy movement in burma and we are confident this support will continue through the difficult years that lie ahead. >> after the visit, president obama gave a speech at the university telling the audience,
6:46 am
quote, the united states of america is with you. the trip marks the first time a sitting u.s. president has visited myanmar. president obama is now in cambodia for the east asia summit. >> a monumental trip of unity. 6:46 right now. christina loren is back to tell us about a monday starting off that should be a lot nicer than the next couple of days. >> another round of rain to get through. but the good news is it's going to clear out just before you start to enjoy your thanksgiving feast. that's the good news. a lot of people have family coming into town, maybe you're trying to get out of town. we'll help you sort out your plans. 6:46. right now is a pretty safe time. we are looking so crystal clear this morning, no fog to report. this is a beautiful live look over the bay bridge this morning. you can see there's a little bit of a ripple out here on the waterway. well, that's because we've got some winds picking up over the san francisco bay so it's not going to be quite as glassy as it has been the past couple days, but look at this. foster city just spectacular. we have more midlevel clouds here and that's making for just
6:47 am
a gorgeous sunrise. temperatures today are going to be a little crisp to start but our air quality is so beautiful now that we had that rain come through. 53 in san francisco, breathe it in this morning. 54 in oakland, you're at 42 in gilr gilroy. our next system of low pressure heads in tomorrow but high pressure will keep it out of the south bay at least through tonight then showers arrive afternoon tomorrow. wherever you live in the bay area, that's going to dictate what time the showers start. we start to get our first showers up in marin and sonoma county. that front slides to the south as we head through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning but nice and dry from san jose up along the east shore into oakland. as we continue that futurecast it starts to get more active between 2:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. wednesday. the whole front comes through very quickly. we stop the clock at 11:00 a.m. wednesday. nice, clear conditions, beautiful air quality looking really good for your family and friends who might be coming into
6:48 am
town. 66 in fairfield, 67 in livermore and 67 in santa teresa today. temperatures stay put in the mid-60s all week long. we'll get through the showers for the first part of wednesday, beautiful conditions thanksgiving day. that is something to be thankful for. as you know, it's hard to plan when you've got all kinds of family coming into town. anything like mike and mine, you've got a lot of entertaining to do. >> actually it is entertaining if you sit back and watch the family but once you're a part of it, it swirls around you. 101 is slow from silver creek all the way up toward tully. the earlier accident still causing a backup, actually two. one approaching tully and one just around capital expressway. activity in the center divide as well as over on the right-hand shoulder and that's why there's all that slowing, a lot of distraction. if you take monterey highway, you're probably okay taking it over towards 280, 680 should be okay getting around that. we're looking at 87 and 85 also showing slowing but a lighter volume overall.
6:49 am
actually this backup keeps things north of here pretty smooth up toward the airport. that's a nice, pleasant shift over there. a live look outside and we'll show you how things are shaping up. an easy drive through san rafael and all the way down into the city. holiday weeks we see a lot more traffic midday and afterwards. the niners are playing south of the city so that will start slowing about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. in the east bay we're looking at the slowdown. the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup really slow up the incline. all the way back to the berkeley curve. but the east shore freeway still moves pretty smoothly through berkeley. back to you. 6:49. happening now, an all-out manhunt in san jose after four robberies, a homicide and an officer-involved shooting. police in san jose have already arrested this man in connection with a string of crimes, but they're looking for a second gunman, and they're anxious to track him down. marla tellez is live with what police are doing this morning.
6:50 am
>> reporter: laura, this morning police and san jose mayor chuck reed are holding a press conference. we're hoping they release a description of the suspect who is still on the run today. police say he and this man you just showed, 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks of san jose, robbed four businesses friday night. a little caesar's, a gas station, a jack in the box and a spa all within a 12-mile radius. they then attempted to carjack a 22-year-old and police say he shot and killed that man. the crime spree ended after a police chase and shootout where police took wilbanks into custody. they say his accomplice is as dangerous as it gets and the public needs to know this. >> when you hear something tragic as what had happened with the robberies and, you know, then the shootout, you know, you just got to be on your toes and just watch out. >> reporter: an officer was shot during that shootout, but he is okay and recovering from minor
6:51 am
injuries today. police are offering a $10,000 reward for information that will lead to that second suspect. i mentioned that press conference today that's happening at city hall at 9:30 this morning. we will bring you the outcome during our 11:00 a.m. newscast. jon. >> thank you very much. lawyers for the accused gunman in that deadly shooting spree at an oakland university now questioning his state of mind. a hearing will be held today to determine the mental competency of him. goh stands accused of killing seven people and trying to kill three others during a shooting rampage earlier this year at oikos university where he was a nursing student. lawyers are asking for the criminal case to be put on hold last month while he undergoes psychiatric tests trying to figure out whether he is fit to stand trial. 6:52. it is a somber vigil, a bay area family has kept for 24 years. every year on november 19th, the family of michaela garecht
6:52 am
gathers at the spot where the girl vanished more than two decades ago, but today's vigil may be the last the family wonders what happened to michaela. christie smith is live with more on the ceremony and the closure that could be just day as way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. in just a few hours michaela's mom, family and friends and members of the hayward police department will come here to the parking lot where michaela was last seen. they're going to tie some yellow ribbons on the tree. this is where the kidnapper was parked. but also knowing that this 24-year-old mystery could finally be coming to an end as she waits for test results on a bone fragment taken from a well out near stockton. michaela was just 9 years old when she was kidnapped from outside of the store here in hayward. she road her scooter there with a friend. over a month ago a three-inch bone fragmenting was identified as belonging to a child between 5 and 14 years old. it was mixed in with the remains of a 16-year-old girl believed
6:53 am
to be a victim of the speed freak killers. test results on that fragment were delayed as the bones were sent to a second lab. now, in her blog, michaela's mom writes that means that today marks 24 years since the last carefree day in my life, and yours, 24 years sips the last time i was able to be there to still your fears in the night. the ceremony is set for about 10:00 this morning. the time of day when michaela disappeared. reporting live in hayward, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. right now we have continuing coverage this morning as bay area families work very hard just trying to make ends meet during this holiday season. this was the scene earlier this month as families waited in line at sacred heart community center to register for food and to register for toys. today those families will wait in line again as those holiday items are handed out. bob redell is live right now at sacred heart community center in san jose with a great event and doing some good things out there, bob.
6:54 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. you can see those boxes, these thanksgiving food boxes that will be going out to those families about 9:00 this morning. this will go through wednesday. they're already prepackaged and ready to go. there are roughly 4,000 of then. this is what you'll find inside these boxes, enough for a thanksgiving meal and hopefully a little more to last past the holidays, you've got grains, canned goods, fresh veggies, frozen turkey. jay with sacred heart community services, we're saying 4 clouds families, it could be more. what are you seeing in terms of demand compared to last year. >> we were estimating that it will be the same level of demand but we have registered in advance more than we did last year so it will be a question of how many people walk up. we register people monday, tuesday and wednesday so we'll see. it reflects what's going on in the economy right now. a lot of people are struggling in a high-priced area. >> reporter: we heard about post recession. you're not seeing that? >> that's absolutely not the case. we are still seeing much the same kind of demand we saw at
6:55 am
the worst of the recession. so every day we see people in our lobbies who work hard, but just can't afford to live in this area looking for help and that's why we're here. >> reporter: in terms of frozen birds, you were about a thousand short come wednesday. that's what you're anticipating right now. so i assume the best thing is money? >> if people can bring by starting today, come on in, bring by one, two or three at a time, anything that can help or go to our website so we can make a quantity purchase. >> reporter: jay, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving to you. you can find them online just do a google search. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> you feel so good when you help. thanks, bob. in fact this year nbc bay area is teaming up with safeway stores to help the second harvest food bank stock its shelves. over the weekend you may have seen a lot of our morning team out and b we all headed to different safeway stores throughout the bay area to encourage people to donate to the second harvest food bank. and you know what, you still can. you can head out to any safeway
6:56 am
store. they have got these great prepacked grocery bags for $10. easy enough, put in your cart, go on through, you make a huge difference to folks. the food drive will accept donations now through christmas day. scott mcgrew is one of the great folks out there as well. >> it was so much fun. i got to go out with christina and marla and you were in morgan hill? >> i was in morgan hill. >> reporter: it was great fun to see everybody. you can still go to safeway and do that. let's take a look at the markets this morning. the dow industrials up about 140 points. ruckus wireless ipo'ed on friday. it's up about $4 a share. cisco is buying moracki for $1.2 billion. keep in mind, it is a shortened trading week this week. also we have the intel ceo stepping down. he will retire in may. this, according to intel.
6:57 am
intel is down about 1%. this was not entirely unexpected, jon and laura, but we have gotten the official word this morning. he will step down in may. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. all right. 6:57. one last check with christina loren as we look at that weather forecast heading toward thanksgiving. >> oh, my gosh, this sunrise was something to be thankful for this morning. just spectacular colors out there. you know what, temperatures today are going to be nice. 66 degrees inland, 64 bayside, at the coast 62 degrees. grab that coat, leave the umbrella at home today. we'll time that system out at your doorstep right around every 25 minutes throughout the "today" show. look over here to the south bay where overall a lighter volume of traffic. 280, 87, 85, picking up the volume slowing the speeds a bit. 101 is a big concern from silver creek all the way to tully. more activity on the shoulder between those two areas, capital
6:58 am
and tully and that's causing all of this backup. monterey highway picking up the volume a bit but it's a good alternate. we'll look also farther out as we see slowing south 880 all wait down from san leandro through hayward heading toward the dumbo. the volume picks up there as well as off of the castro valley y. a pretty typical pattern, lighter than normal commute but slowing nonetheless. also some more through sunol. south 680 as well as west 580. we're watching the area right around those new outlet malls. this is the first year they have been in place. likely to see a lot of slowing for 580 as well. back to you. one last check of the day's top stories. rocket fire continues in gaza as tension between israeli and palestinian forces is building. at least 95 palestinians now dead, five of those just overnight. the two sides still very far apart in efforts to negotiate a cease-fire. a 14-year-old vallejo boy accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 65-year-old woman
6:59 am
now due in court today. police say caviar king used a gun to kidnap the woman, bound her with duct tape and dumped her near i-80. king expected to be tried as an adult. and 49ers quarterback alex smith we're learning will not play in tonight's monday night football game against the chicago bears. espn reports doctors would not give smith clearance for tonight's game after you'll recall he suffered a concussion last week. ironically the bears starting quarterback also sitting this game out because of a concussion. >> so alex smith will be resting up but another great opportunity for colin kaepernick to come out. he's looked great this year. backup to alex. it's not to have the 49ers with strength at quarterback. so alex, get well soon, my man. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we'll be back with a local news update. enjoy that sunrise. >> see you tomorrow.


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